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Welcome to the Special Forces Regimental Colors Web page
This site is under construction and revision. Please read every page things change daily

The Objective of SPECIAL FORCES REGIMENTAL COLORS (SFRC)is to provide Special Forces active duty and retired members with Regimental Colors ,American Flags , Flag poles both indoors and out door at reasonable price. Many other Flags ,State and Countries are also provided. To support the Scholarships funds of the Special Forces Association, Special Operations Association, Special Forces tribute Fund, Special Forces Branch museum and Save The Montagnard People (STMP) "ALL" profits generated from the sale of any item sold by SFRC will go to those funds. SFRC will sell wholesale to other non profit organizations so they can do their own fund raising projects. Therefore SFRC conducts both retail and wholesale business. SFRC has no paid employees and makes quarterly reports to include an annual audit to the Special Forces Association . Larry S. McMillin is responsible for all business actives of SFRC .All funding for SFRC has been done with private funds.
The institute of Heraldry ,Proponent for the Army has approved this project.






Contact Larry McMillin at sforiginallarrym@suddenlink.net

Sunday, September 19, 2021

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