Special Forces Regimental Colors


We sell to the Best for Less DE OPPRESSO LIBER

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After 53 years there are Special Forces Regimental colors that you can fly out doors under old Glory. This is not a ceremonial flag (no Fringe) These are your colors fly them with pride!!! General Information; All profits from the sale of these flags will be donated to the following programs; SFA Scholarship Fund, SOA Scholarship Fund, Special Forces Branch Museum, Special Forces Association Tribute Fund, Save The Mountnard People STMP. INDICATE WHAT YOU WANT TO FUND . With out an indication it goes to Special Forces Scholarship Fund . This has been financed by private funds


Flag Cost $30.00
Cap Cost $20.00        Limeted time  cap and flag $40.00 while supplies last
To Order; fill out this form and return " Make Check or Money Order payable to" " Larry McMillin"




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Telephone number______________________________
You will be notified on date of shipment
Larry McMillin
2067 Dogwood Lane
Kinston NC ,28504-8171
252-522-3418 or http://www.regimental.org
Mail remittance to my address above, no checks or money orders will be cashed until flags are shipped. All shipments will be first class mail. My books are open for inspection at my home upon notification at any reasonable time of day. The Institute of Heraldry,,, Proponent for Army flags has approved this project. "All sales are final" Please read every page before ordering.